Speaking events featuring Lauren E. Oakes, scientist and writer


Treekeepers Tour​

Lauren E. Oakes on Treekeepers Tour

August 3, 2024: Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series, Yosemite National Park, CA

Stay tuned for upcoming public events | 2024-2025

Bring Lauren to Your Event

Lauren is available to speak at public and private events, big or small. She has given commencement speeches and presented for companies and policymakers.

She’s also visited book clubs, classrooms, and local communities and led productive workshops for non-governmental organizations and writers.

Here’s a sample of themes she can address:

  • Climate action and natural solutions
  • The science and philosophy of what a forest is
  • Restoring forests and growing more trees
  • Net Zero and carbon credits
  • The inextricable links between human and environmental health
  • Communicating science through story
  • Reporting from the frontlines of environmental change and action
  • The art of the interview
  • Crafting a non-fiction book proposal

Inquire for availability and rates.

Lauren E. Oakes, scientist and author, is speaking into a microphone while others on stage listen attentively.

Photo Credit: Griffin Moores

Feedback from past events

A forest painted with vibrant autumn colors is depicted on the cover of "Treekeepers: The Race for a Forested Future" by scientist and author Lauren E. Oakes.

Coming Soon

Treekeepers: The Race for a Forested Future

How the path from climate change to a habitable future winds through the world’s forests.

“Can trees really save us? Oakes digs deep into the complexities of planting forests to soak up carbon. The result is a frank, probing, but ultimately hopeful book.” –Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Sixth Extinction

“Forests—especially mature ones, with big trees—are clearly crucial to our future. Here’s an in-depth exploration of exactly why, and it’s filled not just with numbers but with stories!” – Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature